I would like to thank you for visiting our website. I’m Deen Of Revamp Furniture Garage. I design unique one of interiors and custom furniture. My partner is Mylinh who has her own interior design business. We met a while ago while attending a luxury design show and after the show we got to talking, we both have existing businesses. We both understood how we could help each other. We both had the missing links that we needed to proceed with our ambitions. I’ve had many webpages but always let them go because I didn’t like them for some reason, when Mylinh was showing me how she was designing our page I was over the moon. I thought it was beautiful. Mylinh is soft spoken, the organizer, she’s funny and stylish. Me, I’m bold, talk to much when I’m nervous. But I have always had confidence in my ability and have practised my art and design for along time. I am visual minded. I may not remember the name of the paint colour but I can get you that same colour years from now. One of the things I would like to bring to the event industry is uniqueness, complete packages for an event. I would like to offer affordability, but most of all I would like to offer an experience. When planning an event, just like decorating your home, if you do not have the right feel it doesn’t matter how much money you’ve spent. You will not have achieved what you wanted. We are not wedding planners. It is not our focus. We are designers and we offer custom backdrops, furnishings, lounge areas. Whatever you need, we help you create your desired look. Our products will always be the latest styles which we blend with pieces of the past. We believe in helping so make an appointment and talk with us. Through a series of workshops and now our blog we will show you what is the biggest impact you can make. Where to focus your budgets. When to stop spending and planning an event is details, organization and it goes on and on until the day of which will be your day. The pictures we post in our look book. Check in the backgrounds. Most pictures I always check the background, for I would like the details, and that is what we are all about.

"The details”.

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